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a yg family fiction rec community
( you ain't in the game you just cheerleaders . )
04 June 2013 - olymfics recs
as some of you may already know, kpop_olymfics has been posting fic steadily for the 2013 cycle of the competition since mid-april. there was a pretty impressive turnout for yge fic, and we have several recs for you below. as there is still a week of voting left (it ends on june 11, 2013), we highly encourage readers to head over to the comm to read the stories (a bunch of different fandoms were represented this year) and participate by voting and leaving feedback!

without further ado, a handful of recs:

As My Breath Fled From Me, It Found Home In You | se7en/park hanbyul | almostkiwi | pg

this fic did an excellent job of highlighting the ups and downs of se7en and hanbyul's relationship. i was really surprised when it popped up on the community because there's so little se7en fic written in the first place, and even less involving hanbyul. i thought hanbyul was also fleshed out well as a character and enjoyed the way the story was interweaved with the wedding happening in the present day. all around a great read, with lots of cameos by the rest of yg family!

it's so romantic, i panic | cl/minji | samstrident | nc17

i always love it when writers get into cl's head. she's got such a magnetic exterior that i'm always curious to see how they'll characterize her inner perspective, and this author's cl was quite lovely. i love how the development of cl and minji's relationship is so natural and organic and it isn't perfect—not even at the end—but feels true to both characters and does them both justice. and the porn at the beginning is hot, too ;)

the way to grow up | cl/g-dragon | bollywoodrecord | pg13

i don't read cl/gd very often, but this one was really nice. i really enjoyed how cl's growth was reflected in her thoughts about gd and how they changed over time, and i liked gd's characterization here, too; how he's placed on the pedestal at the beginning of the story and how that's slowly broken down as the events of the story occur.

heart like a canvas | g-dragon/top | gdgdbaby | r

the break-up fic is a pretty common trope in fandom. this author's take on it was great, and despite it being set in an au i could see a lot of parallels between the gd and top of this universe and canonical gd and top. i enjoyed the little brush strokes of everyone else in the periphery (youngbae and dara and gd's sister and even lee soohyuk), and i especially liked that even though top was absent for most of the story, he was still fully realized as a character through gd's eyes.
gangster talk | bom/dara | cranperryjuice | pg

short but lovely piece revolving around the premise of bom and dara taking turns teasing top about his faux gangster english! really nice characterization of all parties involved; i always enjoy fic interactions between top and his noonas! :D

defibrillation | bom-centric | phonebook | pg13

i love a good post-apocalyptic fic done well, and this one does a lot in quite a short space. the backstory provided is a great allegory for how the girls got to where they are in the kpop industry, and bom's internal musings are particularly hard-hitting.

tomorrow (and the next day) | tablo/taeyang | themorningache | pg13

this is a really sweet look at a relationship that isn't explored often in fic, canon or otherwise! i've often wondered how tablo and taeyang worked together when tablo was preparing for his solo album, and the dynamics here (along with tablo's point of view) are understated but compelling. taeyang's hesitance is also drawn out very well—he's interacting with someone he isn't so familiar with yet, and that definitely comes across through the course of the story.

untitled | gd/seungri | off_my_socks | nc17

straight-up porn! i like that jiyong takes what he wants in this, but not in a way where he seems overly domineering or emotionally manipulative. seungri wants it just as much as he does and both the dialogue and seungri's internal thought process seem really in character here, which is always a plus in pwp!
fool me twice | dara-centric | phonebook | pg13

there really isn't very much girl group fic in kpop fandom to begin with, even less 2ne1 fic, and far less dara-centric fic than there should be – so finding this one when digging through archives was such a delight. the prose is tight and not a word is wasted. the author does a terrific job of getting into dara's head and exploring both a side of her and a side of idoldom that seldom comes across in fic. i especially enjoyed the relationships with her family (her father and her brother, specifically) that are elaborated upon in this fic.

you're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow | cl/dara | gdgdbaby | pg13

the ambitiousgirls girl group fic exchange that ran this winter yielded some great yge fic, which the next three recs are from. most of it is set in the "canon" universe as well, and this one touches on a lot of issues that have plagued 2ne1 fandom in the past year: the lack of a new album even though yg's been promising one since last summer, the group's creative autonomy, what the girls have been up to since their promotions for "i love you" ended last year.

interlude | cl/bom | whetstone | pg

this is just such a wonderful, contained snapshot of cl and bom's relationship. i love so many things about it: the bom voice, cl's casual confidence, how bom notices all the little ways she carries herself, the atmosphere it manages to create despite being so short.

--and i know what’s in my heart | hayi-centric | upchucked | pg13

really great character study of lee hayi that follows her from her pre-kpopstar days to when she finally debuts with yge. we don't know that much about how hayi interacts with the other yg family members yet, but this fic is so believable in its characterization and intra-company dynamics that it's quite lovely all the same.
03 January 2013 - 2012 fics rec list
the top fic list of 2012
by pairing, then in alphabetical order. author summaries included, if any.
this list is a collaborative effort by all of the moderators.
a lot of fics we loved didn't make it onto the list. look for them later.

big bang: gdragon/seungriCollapse )

big bang: gdragon/topCollapse )

all: other m/m pairingsCollapse )

all: m/f pairingsCollapse )

all: ot3’s & multiple shipsCollapse )

all: gen & character centricCollapse )

other: crossoversCollapse )

we apologize for being so absentee and lax with reccing for so long! hopefully a new post for the new year means better things and more activity to come. as usual, if you have any reader recs, feel free to link us to them here. happy holidays, everyone!
09 August 2011 - belladonna - mearii87
Title: Belladonna
Author: mearii87
Pairing: G-Dragon/Top
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Horror, Romance
Wordcount: 6,859
Summary: Seunghyun takes in a shape shifter to make some extra money. He thinks he’s prepared for it, but the shape shifter is nothing like he had expected, and his life is turned upside down.

I'd have to say that if you aren't a fan of violence you might prefer to skip this rec. It isn't gratuitous, but it is there.

But anyway, great, great, great fic. Every time I think I've tired of edgy AU GTOP someone comes along to smash that perception. In this fic I particularly enjoyed the images that popped up in my head as I read -- Jiyong's scales and the way they flash, him curled around Seunghyun because he needs physical reassurance as Seunghyun pets his hair, the way the physical interaction differs and increases as the relationship between them deepens. Speaking of, another thing I really enjoyed was how the two of them grew closer as time went on. It was just subtle enough to speak to my tastes, with little bits of banter that never went overboard and just enough tension to leave me wanting more. I love how smug Jiyong gets when Seunghyun doesn't accept someone's proposition and and I love that Seunghyun forces himself to relax when Jiyong crawls into bed with him. Oh, and can I also freak out a little about the bloodletting scenes? I'm a total sucker for the dynamic in scenes like this, the amount of trust being given, the heady physical sensation of giving blood and the reaction of the one taking it, all of it is done so well.

This fic just touched on so many things I enjoy about GTOP, things I stopped thinking about or forgot about, and while I don't want to hype it up too much, it's probably one of my favorite recs I've done in a while. Insert another I hope she writes more here. :)

One other thing, not related to this fic: do you guys like the long reviews? I almost feel like I'm spoiling the fics by doing a paragraph. Would you rather just have a few lines, or a list with one line per rec, or anything else? Let us know.
Hi, and long time no see. Here are a few quick recs.

happy together | gdragon/top | lovelyable | r

I'm a huge Wong Kar Wai fan, so I was happy to see a fic loosely based on this premise. I understand that many people are tired of dramatic GTOP in fic, but as a reader, a good portrayal of that type of relationship between them still pushes my buttons. This fic is different enough from the movie that I don't get bored while reading it. As always, lovelyable's prose is good - the short paragraphs, the almost colloquial narration - work so well with the subject. Now that I think about it, the reason I enjoy the "fuck and fight" dynamic in this fic is because it isn't overdone. It's definitely dramatic, and a little bit painful, but it's never overdone due to the stylistic choices made. I'm hoping to see this fic completed.

i am become death | gdragon/top, past top/daesung and gdragon/seungri | butterflyweb | nc-17

Speaking of WIPs, this is another I'm really hoping gets finished. I can't say enough about butterflyweb's ability to build a good universe. It's always immersive without being overly-detailed, so that even the most typically ficced AU's are incredibly appealing. This installment of the fic is quite eerie, a nice change from pairing-centric fic. I read this fic and I can feel the suffocating sensation of pulling a tube out of my throat, the confusion of waking up in a completely empty hospital, curling in on myself from the confusion and the fight to keep walking, to keep running even as my muscles don't want to cooperate. Anyway, I don't want to wax too poetic - I'm just a big fan of zombie!fic and re-reading this for the rec was still a treat. :)

should be me | top/daesung, one-sided gdragon/daesung | twobees | pg-13

I love Jiyong's voice in this fic. It's more contemplative than I'm used to reading him, and yet he would be the type to notice little details like how Daesung wouldn't put his feet on anyone else's legs, or the different ways Seunghyun's mouth moves and what they mean. I love that the smallest touch of Seunghyun and Daesung's legs makes him almost feel ill, the low-key interactions between Seunghyun and Daesung that are such a contrast to their fanservice and yet feel completely natural. What I like the most is that we're seeing this quiet, more introspective Jiyong: it's a side of him that, in my opinion, isn't explored too often.
Title: Intimate Night
Author: longleggedgit
Pairing: Daesung/Seungri
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Wordcount: 2,745
Summary: In which Seungri is a drunk slut, and Daesung is annoyed.

I guess Intimate Note is a good source of inspiration for fic, as this was written after watching Big Bang's episode. Daeri as a pairing in general also seems to be built upon the awkwardness they have with each other, and as I'm a sucker for that kind of dynamic I had to rec this.

I'm sure I or the other reccers have said this before, but it's so difficult to write smut that's also used to explore characters. I'm always really happy to see it done well. What I like most about it, though, is that it's just the kind of imperfect, boyish, stumbly sex I'd imagine Daesung and Seungri to have -- it totally encapsulates their dynamic, right down to Seungri being kind of a selfish lover. I also enjoyed Daesung's characterization in this, as he isn't a Family Outing-style clown or anything like that. He's kind of sarcastic and snappy in the way I've always seen him as. Finally, I like the setup, the little snippet of Jiyong and Seunghyun that we see and how it's the catalyst for all of this. I hope to read more of both Daeri and this writer in the future. :)
bang ♛ leaders of the new school
i'm glad the recs i have for everybody this time are diverse pairings! keep them coming, and don't forget to recommend a fic to us if we've missed any. pimp us out too! there seems to be a rush of new people in yg fandom and i'm not sure how many of them know about us, so if you think we're worth the join/watch, feel free to give anybody and everybody a heads up.

that wayward tree | gdragon/seungri | gauzeling | pg
one hundred percent environment friendly.

very fragmented, understated, and poetic in style. the author carefully chooses what to show the reader about their relationship but the short scenes sums their dynamic up nicely, i think. a lot of great lines in here, like, livewires run under his skin, the kind of burn that flares white and deep. while the premise of this fic is pretty typical jiyong/seungri, i appreciate the characterisations of them both. not too over-the-top like a lot of gri fic is, but not too subtle to make them replaceable characters, either. the last line underneath the iii header is amazing.

it's easy, hard as it seems | gdragon/top | gumwood | pg
seunghyun tells jiyong to chill the fuck out.

slice-of-life and a very quick read that i enjoyed because the author manages to pin down both jiyong and seunghyun in less than 500 words, which is pretty great. and for once, it's nice to see someone dealing with jiyong's struggling-artist issues in a lighter way that doesn't involve some sort of melodrama.

sealed lips | teddy/cl/gdragon | apple_of_my | r
cl writes a song and ends up having epiphanies.

i really loved this one. there aren't many - if there are any - fics that have this ot3 pairing, which i think is a shame because the author has opened my eyes to how incredible they can be if written well. some gorgeous language in this as well. and i don't often see jiyong portrayed as intimately inexperienced, but the author sold it while still keeping him in character. she also effortlessly transitions from a humorous tone to a more sober one, and i really liked how she wrote about cl and jiyong's relationship in contrast to cl and teddy's, and how neither relationship gets fully defined but you end up feeling for both of them. (and the little perry, yg, and youngbae cameos are great, too.)
Both of our recs today come from readers. I'm so glad these were brought to our attention. Please keep the recs coming! I know that sometimes we're a bit slow in replying but we do look at all of them. Anyway, here goes.

from here to there | top/bom | quirke | r

One of the ships that seems to have emerged in YG fandom is Top/Bom. I'm guessing this has to do with Bom's appearances in GTOP promotions and all of their cute interactions on YGTV. I know that they've been dubbed the "alien couple" by a lot of fans since they're both so weird and yet charming, and I think quirke's fic was very much in that vein and I loved it. I can't remember reading a fic from Bom's point of view, so it was a refreshing change, and I particularly enjoyed how mature it read. For all the drama-filled AUs and angsty situations that have become a staple in YG fandom, just reading about the results of a one-night stand was nice. It was a chance to let the characters and the relationships they have with each other shine. I loved Bom's reactions to Top, the inner monologue she had going where she was completely aware of how uncool he came off to her, the unwilling attraction she felt towards him nonetheless. The interactions they had in this fic were very awkward and very cute, quite indicative of their personalities. :) I hope to see more fics of this pairing in the future!

memory | gdragon/seungri | vitiates | pg-13

Somehow, when perusing the entries of the contest gdheartri held recently, we overlooked this gem. Thankfully a reader pointed it out to us. As opposed to our first rec, there's a sense of epicness in this fic that's evident by the very first paragraph and the author does such a good job of keeping it going. I think a tone like the one used here could so easily become trite or cheesy, and this doesn't. As I continued to read, the magical realism used by vitiates was kind of awesome: the concept wasn't so out there that it was unbelievable, and it was something that someone like Seungri would definitely have if that sort of thing were to exist. The story itself...I kind of can't say much without ruining it. But I will say that it was heartbreaking, and that the deliberate choices Seungri makes throughout the fic are the wrong ones and yet they're made for what he thinks are the right reasons, and I loved that.
11 February 2011 - three recs (gdragon/top)
First proper rec post of the new year! Apologies for three recs of the same pairing but these are what jump out at me at the moment. I'll continue digging for rarepairs as well. :)

the way you are | gdragon/top | ulzzang | nc-17

A recurring scenario that I've noticed in GTOP fic is that of friends-with-benefits. Often it turns out badly for them, one or both end up falling in love and it's angst all around, et cetera. ulzzang wrote this so that it's seen as a good thing and not a bad one, that it's a relationship that works for them, something they're happy with, and I liked that. There's a nice circularity to this fic that made it feel rounded and complete, and the interaction between the boys themselves is nice and comfortable, with the little spikes of heightened action that seem to characterize the pairing for a lot of people.

all together now | gdragon/top | lovelyable | r

One thing I've always enjoyed about lovelyable's fic is that there's always something new and interesting in it. It plays with plot or formatting or characterization, and it's never just experimentation for experimentation's sake. In this fic time is expressed through months, little snapshots of GTOP's relationship that give you just enough to understand where they are in their relation to each other at the time. It's a great deconstruction of GTOP, but while this fic does a good job of breaking your heart it then stitches it back together again in just a few paragraphs. That is definitely something to admire.

to everything strange, inchoate | gdragon/top | 22by7 | nc-17

Future!fic where GTOP are writing another duo album. I'm just in love with 22by7's prose. There's something about it that sets it apart from your 'typical' K-Pop fic style (not that that style is bad!) that drew me in from the first reading. I enjoyed the off-kilter ways used to describe things like kisses (Seunghyun had stumbled into his arms and sucked the air out of his mouth) and the future!Jiyong whose point of view we're looking through here. He's assured, of course, but the relation to Seunghyun, how it shifts and yet has stayed the same, is great to watch through his eyes. And Seunghyun is so very Seunghyun in this, with his pajama pants and his little white lies. This is a great read and I hope to see more in the future from this writer.
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