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a yg family fiction rec community

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yg family fiction recs
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a fanfic recommendation community for yg family (big bang, 2ne1, 1tym, etc)
we the leaders
this is a yg family fiction recommendation community.
we rec fics with all yg family artists and crew, including but not limited to: big bang, 2ne1, 1tym, stony skunk, gummy, se7en, kim jihye, jo "taeji" sungmin, the kwon twins, viva.h, yang seungho, daniel "sexy" lee, jinu, sean, hyunsuk, etc. all entries are and will stay unlocked. this is the place for the yg family goodfic in the world :) please check out our tag list, but if you would like to rec a fic that you don't see in our archive, feel free to rec us a fic here. ♛
1tym, 2ne1, aimee lucas, big bang, daniel "sexy" lee, gummy, kush, lyle beniga, master hwang, perry, se7en, shaun evaristo, stony skunk, uhm jung hwa, vip, yang hyunsuk, yang seungho, yg family